Fly Private With Your Pets

  • Can your pet fly private with you?
  • Documents needed to get your pet on board
  • Benefits for your pet in flying private


Depending on what operator you fly with, you may or may not be able to bring your pet aboard the private air charter with you. While the most common pets that are brought on board are cats and dogs, clients have included birds, rabbits, and reptiles among other species of pets. If your pet is allowed on board, it will fly right in the passenger area with you and any other passengers on the flight. These animals are mostly allowed to be free amongst the cabin unless the animal is a bird or a reptile, depending on the species of animal. Your dog does not need to be a certain size, weight, or breed in order to fly, but for bigger dogs a larger aircraft is often recommended for their comfort.

In order to bring your pet on board, you need to have various documents available such as the pets passport (if flying out of the country), valid vaccination forms, and fir for travel animal health certificate. The best part about flying private is that your pets are with you for the full flight. This prevents them from being locked down under with the luggage which represents a danger for them. This allows you to take care of your pet and make him feel at ease in the aircraft which represents an unknown environment for him. Having you by its sides definitely allows your pets to feel more comfortable until the flight has ended

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