Boeing and SkyNRG Partner to Scale Sustainable Aviation Fuels To a Global Level

  • Details of the partnership between Boeing and SkyNRG
  • Boeing EcoDemonstrators test flight using SAF

Boeing and SkyNRG have announced a partnership that is focused on using sustainable aviation fuel on a global level. Boeing is also looking to invest in SkyNRG Americas sustainable aviation fuel production project, for which Alaska Airlines has announced they have become an investor in. SAF are safe and offer a great alternative to reduce our industries carbon footprint for the long and short term.  SkyNRG is a leader in the industry of sustainable fuel, and want to grow the awareness of their product. Having a backing from Boeing helps SkyNRG advance their company due to Boeing’s leadership in advancing aviation.  This partnership will build on Boeing’s long term leadership as one of the top aviation companies in the country and help SkyNRG get their name out there in the world of aviation. 

Boeing’s EcoDemonstrator uses sustainable aviation fuel for all test flights and has completed the world’s first commercial airplane flight using 100% sustainable fuel.  Boeing chief sustainability officer Chris Raymond said “”Our industry will need a strong, reliable supply of SAF to address climate change and drive adoption,” said Raymond. “We aspire to partner and help create that supply.” Sustainable aviation fuels are safe and offer the greatest potential to reduce our industry’s carbon emissions in the near future. The partnership between Boeing and SkyNRG is important in the journey to using Sustainable Aviation Fuels on all aircrafts. 

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