Eve Partners With Kenya Airways on UAM Development

  • The Details of this partnership
  • What Eves CEO thinks about the partnership
  • How this partnership will benefit all of Kenya

Embraers Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions division and Kenya Airways Fahari Aviation division signed an agreement to develop plans for an African network of unmanned aircraft operations as well as an eVTOL. This agreement was announced today, August 11th,  2021 but is apart of Eve’s bigger picture plan which is to develop an ecosystem to support advanced air mobility services using its all electric aircraft. Under the agreement, Eve will support Fahari’s establishment of an urban air mobility (UAM) network and collaborate on the required urban air traffic management procedures operating environment. The partnership will also allow Fahari to support Eve’s aircraft and product development process, helping guide the integration of UAM services with Kenya Airways’ overall operations.  

Eves President and CEO Andrew Stein thinks “The creation of disruptive and widely accessible urban air mobility solutions will help democratize mobility by making it more accessible, affordable, and giving communities more options. This partnership will foster long-term mobility strategies throughout the country and region.” this partnership with Kenya Airways will provide new forms of aircraft mobility for both people and goods. 

In order to push the future of aviation, partnerships between airlines are vital. Fahari Aviation is at the forefront of exploring advanced technologies, with a key focus in aviation, starting with drone technology. This partnership will look to develop air mobility solutions for clients in Kenya. For now, Fahari’s main focus is on developing the use of unmanned aircraft systems in Africa. It provides training and operational support, mainly for smaller UAVs.

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