Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines

  • Who Pratt & Whitneys competitors are
  • Other companies that Pratt & Whitney work with the create engines
  • What Pratt & Whitney Power Systems designs and builds

Pratt & Whitney is an aircraft engine manufacturing company who is known worldwide as one of the big three in aero-engine manufacturers, competing with General Electric, and Rolls-Royce. Pratt & Whitney also produces gas turbines for industrial and power generation, and marine turbines besides from aircraft engines. Pratt & Whitney is headquartered in East Hartford, Connecticut but has many more locations nationwide. The engines that are produced power more than 25% of the world’s aircrafts and serve more than 800 customers in over 150 countries. Pratt & Whitney is a part of aerospace company Raytheon Technologies, making P&W a sister company to Collins Aerospace, Raytheon Missiles & Defense as well as Raytheon Intelligence & Space.

The military engines that are produced by Pratt & Whitney power 27 air forces around the globe, with nearly 11,000 military engines in service with 23 customers in 22 nations.  Pratt & Whitney Power Systems designs, builds, and supports aero derivative gas turbine and geothermal power systems for customers worldwide. These gas turbines are so powerful they they can power small cities generating electrical power, provide various speed mechanical drive for marine propulsion, gas compression, and liquid pumping. There are over 2,000 gas turbines being used in over 40 countries.

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