Joby Aviation Goes Public and Looks to Certify an All-Electric eVTOL

  • When Joby went public and what company Joby acquired
  • The specs of this four-passenger all electric eVTOL aircraft

Joby Aviation has become the first developers of eVTOLs in the United States to go public through the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), using the symbol $JOBY. Joby has just recently acquired the company Reinvent Technology Partners for about $4.5 billion. With the estimated $2 billion in fresh capital because of the merger,  Joby can now complete the certification for a four-passenger all-electric eVTOL that can be flown single pilot on routes of up to 150 miles with a projected price of $1.4 billion. 

By going public, Joby Aviation will be given an opportunity to make emissions-free flight a part of everyday life.  “This is our generation’s moonshot moment, and at Joby we’re proud to be leaning in.” said Joby founder and CEO JoeBen Bevirt. Before going public and merging with Reinvent Technology Partners, Toyota was one of Jobys biggest investors. The car producers will still be supporting the eVTOL developers in preparation for up-scaled manufacturing of the eVTOL.

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