Empty Leg Flights

  • The benefits of booking an empty leg flight
  • Why empty leg flights become available to customers

An Empty leg is a flight that is scheduled to fly without any passengers. When these flights are scheduled without passengers, private air charter companies look for passengers to fill the aircraft and lower the price to provoke someone to book the flight. If the empty leg flight matches where you want to go and the departing airport, this will be one of the best deals you could find for that aircraft.  These flights can be as cheap as 75% off the standard charter price and some private jet membership programs offer members highly discounted or even complimentary access to empty leg flights. 

Charter companies tend to avoid having to fly an empty leg flight because in the end they are losing money due to how costly these aircrafts and air taxis are to operate. One downside of empty legs is that the routes are very limited and there is no way to predict the availability of these flights. Even though these flights are hard to come by, they can be cancelled as fast as they become available. Mechanical issues or the jet being booked for a full price charter can make you lose your empty leg spot. Unfortunately, mechanical issues and cancellations do happen and the charter company would not be responsible for these issues.

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