Michael Farley, Founder and CEO of Outlier Jets Inc

  • Michaels career in aviation
  • Michaels background before Outlier Jets

With more than ten years of executive leadership, specifically within the private aviation sector, Michael places his focus on helping companies grow and scale intelligently. Beyond aviation, Michael has a diversified background, having worked in investment banking, national defense, as well as coaching athletic teams at the collegiate and national level.

Previous to founding Outlier, Michael served as the Global Head of Sales, Marketing and Service for the aircraft manufacturer- ICON Aircraft. In this role, he was responsible for recruiting and managing a global salesforce, international distribution channels, as well as business strategy for market entry of the amphibious “A5” model aircraft. Michael was further tasked with the ownership experience, developing a national maintenance network as well as managing the company Chief Pilots and safety program.

Michael is dedicated to the professional growth of the Outlier Team that serves the global member base. Every decision made by the Outlier Team is based on the edict: treat others the way you wish to be treated.Michael resides in Naples, Florida, with his wife and two children. He received his BS from Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, and a Master’s Degree from the Providence College School of Business.

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