Airbus Developing Zero Emission Aircrafts

  • The three types of hydrogen powered aircrafts Airbus are developing
  • What year these three commercial aircrafts will be on the market

Airbus is looking to develop the world’s first zero emission commercial by 2035. The Hydrogen propulsion aircraft will help with less pollution in our atmosphere that is caused from jet fuel. The three ZEROe concepts are hybrid-hydrogen aircraft that are powered by hydrogen combustion through gas turbine engines, using liquid hydrogen as fuel that combusts with oxygen molecules. 

The turbofan concept will have two hybrid-hydrogen turbofan engines that provide thrust for the aircraft, the liquid hydrogen storage and distribution system is located behind the rear pressure bulkhead. The turboprop option has two hybrid-hydrogen turboprop engines used to drive eight-bladed propellers. The blended-wing body has a wide interior with multiple options for hydrogen storage. The liquid hydrogen storages will be underneath the wings with two hybrid-hydrogen turbofan engines providing thrust for the aircraft. 

Once hydrogen powered aircrafts are mainstream, airports will need to keep hydrogen storages at their airports, requiring hydrogen transport and refueling infrastructures. Support from governments will be key to meet these ambitious objectives with increased funding for research and technology, digitalisation, and mechanisms that encourage the use of sustainable fuels and the renewal of aircraft fleets to allow airlines to retire older, less environmentally-friendly aircraft earlier. 

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