Ways to Get Cheap Private Charter Prices

  • Empty leg flight costs will always be significantly cheaper
  • Finding smaller airports may cut down costs if the aircraft can make it work
  • Flying with a group will split the cost, reducing the personal price

There are a wide variety of private charter companies that offer membership programs to bring clients better pricing and deals on charter flights. More often than not, an initial payment is required with additional monthly or yearly fees for said service. This then allows the clients to request flights when needed and the company does the behind the scene work in order for the flight to be accomplished. That being said, this model is most beneficial for frequent flyers who will get the most out of this arrangement.

One of the best ways of getting reduced prices on charter flights is finding empty leg flights. Empty leg flights occur when operators must reposition their aircraft for another flight and do not have any passengers. Thus, they charge less since if they do not have any passengers, the flight cost comes out of their pocket. Filling these empty leg flights is a co mutual benefit, with the customer paying less and the operator profiting off the repositioning.

Another way to find cheaper charter flight prices is by checking either smaller or less known airports. Private jets have the ability to fly to alternate airports that commercial jets cannot access due to runway length (especially turboprops). This has the potential to get you even closer to your desired location and also skip the ride out of a potentially busy city. However, finding availability for these airports may prove difficult if the operator does not charter to that specific airport or it may be hard to find these smaller airports due to lack of notoriety.

The best way to not only find private charter flights, but also find lower prices is looking as close to the date of the flight as possible. Even looking for availability a week in advance may run you much more since the operator may miss out on more profitable flights if they commit to yours. Also, more empty legs or cancellations may occur with other operators which would bring a much more reasonable price than booking far out. Along with this, being flexible on the departure time will also be beneficial. Many charter aircraft fly multiple routes a day, so being available when they happen to be at the airport you would like to depart will prove fruitful.

Lastly, flying with a group will bring down personal cost. Of course, splitting the cost of a private charter flight will bring down the personal cost. In addition, if you fly solo, it is likely that the empty seats will be factored into the price.

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