GrandView Aviation Wants to Reestablish Middle River as a Hub for Aviation

  • Why GrandView Aviation wants to reestablish Middle River as a hub for aviation
  • Background to Middle River and How long Grandview used to operate at this hub

GrandView Aviation, a national private jet operator, wants to reestablish Middle River as a hub for aviation with an expansion that will create hundreds of new jobs for the area over the next few years. “Due to COVID and other health concerns, there are more private fliers than ever before,New passengers are coming to private airlines to reduce exposure — private aircraft means fewer touchpoints (such as) no security line, large terminals, baggage check and claim and check-in processes, and you only fly with your family or coworkers, not with hundreds of other passengers,” said Elli Naor, who works in business development for GrandView Aviation.

Middle River was once home to one of the largest aviation businesses in the world, the Glenn L. Martin Company. At its height, the aircraft manufacturer employed 53,000 workers and built Martin State Airport to test its world-class aircraft. The airport still has most of the original buildings and there are signs throughout the area showing its aviation heritage, with street names like Propeller Drive and Cockpit Street. GrandView Aviation has operated at Martin State Airport for the last five years, growing from a small aircraft carrier to the 23rd busiest charter operator in the United States, according to Jessie Naor, chief operating officer at GrandView. Martin State Airport is operated by the Maryland Aviation Administration for the Maryland Department of Transportation. The expansion at GrandView Aviation is privately funded.

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