Bombardier Challenger Aircrafts


Bombardier was started by a young mechanic named Joseph-Armand Bombardier. He wanted to help people travel, making the first “snow vehicle” at the age of 15 to help people travel across the snowy roads of Canada. In 1970, Bombardier entered the railway business with its first acquisition outside of Canada: Lohnerwerke in Vienna, Austria, a manufacturer of motor scooters and trams, and its subsidiary, the engine manufacturer ROTAX. Sixteen years after diversifying into rail transportation, Bombardier took flight in the aerospace sector in 1986 with the purchases of Canadair, the leading Canadian aircraft manufacturer of Challenger widebody business jets, and the CL-215 firefighting aircraft. The Challenger 350 and Challenger 650 are best sellers offering world-class interior design, worldwide reach and low operating costs.

The Challenger 350 is a super-midsize jet and is purposely built for efficient performance and comfort. Its spacious, stand-up cabin is littered with craftsmanship that you will not find in any other aircrafts. There touchscreen technology and unique sound dampening capabilities keep your in-flight experience smooth and quiet. The Challenger 650 is the newer version of the Challenger 605. The Challenger 650 features two extra executive seats to accommodate up to 12 passengers, upgraded engines offering a higher thrust rate to reduce takeoff field length, and larger appliances in the galley to assist with faster meal preparation. There are 86 Challenger 650 business jets operating around the world today. Most of these jets are owned fully and the rest are in fractional ownership or being leased. 

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