Helicopter Charter

  • Helicopters bring flexibility and convenience to aircraft chartering
  • While jets offer more for longer ranges, helicopters are perfect for shorter trips

Helicopter charters bring an unique alternative to the table in terms of aircraft charters; with the flexibility to land at places other than airports and the convenience as well as lower prices for short trips, they are ideal for certain scenarios.

The main appeal of helicopters is their ability to land in areas jets cannot accommodate. Whether it be on a helipad on a rooftop in the city or an open field for an event, their capabilities are unmatched. Along with this, it is less taxing on the aircraft to take off and land than traditional jets, thus lower the price. The added expense of flying a jet for short trip is nullified by chartering a helicopter. Additionally, if a safety concern were to arise with either the aircraft or any of the members onboard, the situation can be handled in a much quicker manner. Helicopters have to ability to land on a hospital’s helipad if need be.

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