Additional Fees When Flying Private

  • Types of additional fees when flying
  • How much these fees will cost
  • Why these fees can be so expensive


When flying international, there are many additional fees that get put onto your bill other than just fuel costs. The international fee consists of handling costs, customs charges and other expenses which must be paid when flying into certain countries. For example, when you fly from the United States to an Island off the coast of Florida, you’ll pay around $1,700 in additional fees. If flying to Mexico, it’ll be about $2,500. The international fee can cost as much as $10,000 when flying from the US to parts of Asia. If you’re flying within the US, you’ll pay a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) instead of international fees. 

Besides the international fees, there are fees such as landing fees that vary by airport, but expect a $100-$500 fee just for landing your aircraft on the TARMAC. If the crew has to keep their aircraft overnight, a fair between $150-$600 per night can be put onto your bill. This will pay for the crew members food, lodging, and transportation. If you are late for your flight, aircraft companies can change you for every hour that you are late for your flight, and these prices can be expensive, so try to be on time! Some aircrafts do not come with complimentary WiFi, so you may be charged for every minute, hour, or gigabyte of data being used on the aircraft. There are many other fees that can be added to your bill, so just be wary as what you initially pay may not be the total you pay when all is said and done.

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