Cons of Private Jet Charters

  • The difference between private jet and commercial jets
  • Why private jet charter flights are much more expensive
  • The difficulties that go into planning a private jet charter


Even though the private jet experience has many positives that are unforgettable, there may also be some cons that can come about. These cons include cost, planning, and emergencies. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford to charter a private jet and experience the luxury that comes with it. A flight that would cost you around $500 on a commercial airline can be upwards of 10 times that cost or more to have the private jet experience. The difference is that the price of a private jet flight reflects the value of your time and empty leg flights.

Commercial flights can pack hundreds of people onto one aircraft with a fixed departure and arrival time. When it comes to private jet charters, the two parties have to come to an agreement. There are other problems that may pop up, as well. For example, some jet owners are particularly careful about who they’re lending their aircraft to. You may find a jet that is a seemingly perfect fit, but then the owner pulls out of the deal because they’re worried about a large group of people using their plane. You should also consider any potential mechanical issues that may stop your flight. Commercial airlines operate many planes on a massive scale so if there’s a problem they can usually find a replacement aircraft fairly easily.

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