Solairus Aviation

  • About Solairus Aviations CEO, Dan Drohan
  • Solairus Safety Ratings and Incident report

Dan Drohan, Solairus Aviation CEO, is a lifelong aviator with decades of experience owning and operating successful aviation companies. Solairus has been under Drohans leadership for more than 10 years, and now manages one of the nation’s largest fleet of managed business jets, serving clients around the globe, and is supported by one of the most experienced and respected executive management teams. Drohan is an ATP-rated pilot with qualifications in multiple business jets. He is an active philanthropist and is an advocate for the Business Aviation Industry. At Solairus Aviation, CAM enables business and operation support services for aircraft owners, namely, in flight operations management, flight logistics coordination, fuel purchasing, insurance purchasing, support services, purchasing, aircraft management services consisting of flight dispatch, safety procedures oversight and private jet and charter sales management. Our decentralized approach to non-regulatory service matters is what enables us to deliver superior service. Learn More About CAM here.

Solairus primary responsibility is ensuring the safety of its passengers. With their ARG/US Platinum and Wingman certification from Wyvern, Solairus is one of only 100 operators worldwide to be IS-BAO Stage Three Certified. IS-BAO certification is recognized as the international standard for aircraft operations and safety. In addition to industry auditing firms, Solairus has been audited and approved by several objective third-party commercial operators and Fortune 500 flight departments.

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