Pros and Cons of Leasing a Private Jet

  • The difference between leasing and owning a jet
  • Certifications to lease a private jet
  • What makes it worth it to lease a private jet


There are many negative and positive aspects of leasing your very own private jet instead of going through other companies to get a private jet flight. These negatives and positives include lower costs compared to fractional ownership, access to multiple bases and FBOs, the option to sell flight hours will other lease owners, no maintenance downtime, no need to hire a crew, as well as other amenities that will reduce the cost such as aircraft storage, maintenance and pilot training. When trying to lease your own private jet there are some things you want to consider. You should be wary that a security deposit is needed upfront, there are monthly management fees, no ability to leverage aircraft value at the end of the term, and you can not select aircraft aesthetics or cabin configuration.

While there are some longer-term financial advantages to outright ownership for those who require significant amounts of flight time and last-minute itineraries, newer leasing and fractional ownership instruments begin to blur the lines that once separated ownership experiences from leasing experiences. By leasing, you will avoid the substantial premium and capital risk associated with outright ownership while still enjoying flexibility in terms of aircraft access and flight availability during high-traffic portions of the calendar. Additionally, when you lease from a company such as FlexJet, you will benefit from industry-leading inflight experiences, access to the latest fleet of aircraft, and a dedicated team of experts to assist you with all of your private aviation needs.

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