Cessna Citation Jets

  • Private Jets that Cessna has manufactured
  • The history of Cessna and how they have made themselves one of the biggest jet companies
  • Deep dive into the most popular Cessna Citation Jets


Citation Jets are a type of Business Jet designed by Cessna starting in 1972 that has logged over 35 million flight hours with over 7,500 Citations being delivered making it the largest business jet fleet. The Citation fleet started with the Citation I in 1969, followed by the Citation II, III, VI, and VII. The Citation I is a single pilot jet introduced in 1977 with production ending in 1985 for this jet. The Citation II is a single pilot jet that has upgraded avionics and an upgraded engine allowing for faster travel and takeoff distance. The Cessna Citation CJ4 jet elevates your travel experience from the moment you step on the jet. The amenities Cessna offers on their jets are eye catching and luxurious. This Aircraft delivers great performance and features such as single pilot refueling, a serviceable bathroom and excellent range on this aircraft.

The Citation Latitude is the #1 best selling midsize business jet with class leading performance, a spacious cabin and standard equipment that steps about midsize jet expectations. The Citation Latitude offers a wide, flat-floor with a cabin height of 6 feet. This Jet can also take you 2,700 nautical miles before needing a refuel stop so you could fly from Los Angeles to New York in one trip. The low cabin altitude keeps you feeling refreshed with class leading bag departments to accommodate all of your luggage whether you are flying for business or pleasure.

The Cessna Denali turboprop flight deck takes full advantage of the advancements in today’s technology using touchscreens for controls, voice commands, and wireless connectivity. Some standard features that come with the Denali are Dual Garmin FMS with dual WAAS- enabled GPS receivers for navigation, dual attitude heading reference system, synthetic vision technology, and digital audio systems. The GE Catalyst engine is the first clean sheet engine in more than 30 years that incorporates proven technologies to offer more efficiency, more reliability, more performance, and simplified ownership.

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