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About XO Jet

XO Jet was founded in 2006 with a focal point of fractional ownership programs. In 2009 the XO team shifted their focus to fixed pricing for one-way flights. In 2019, XO Jet underwent a merger with JetSmarter. The merger was managed by Vista Global; and the final entity is XO, powered by JetSmarter Technology.

Service Offerings

Pay As-You-Go

The program for the traveler just beginning to embark on the private aviation journey. With no money down, and no monthly-fees; XO’s Pay As-You-Go program is ideal for elite travelers new to private jet travel.

Select / Rise Programs

XO offers two programs between beginner-focused Pay As-You-Go, and the Signature and Elite programs (geared towards regular jet travelers). The Select and Rise programs offer benefits of higher-priority membership without the financial commitment of one of the priciest two programs.

Signature / Elite Access

The premier options XO jet provides for private travelers. While the Signature and Elite Access programs have a down payment of $100,000. They also offer the highest limit for authorized users per account (10 users), the ability to choose seats on shared flights, and complimentary de-icing.

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