Mid Size Aircrafts

  • What midsize jets have to offer for the passenger
  • The benefits of flying in a midsize jet
  • The ins and outs of the Bombardier Lear 60


Midsize private air charter jets offer a range of about five hours of flight time with a range of 2,800 nautical miles. Some midsize jets feature non-stop flights and others may need to make a fuel stop along the way. These aircrafts feature elegant club-style seating with swivel chairs which can accommodate between seven to nine passengers. The height of the cabin in these midsize jets is about five feet eight inches and has a width of about five feet nine inches.

Some midsized jets include the Lear 45, Lear 60, Hawker 800 XP, Citation CJ III, Sabre 65 and the Citation XLS. Out of all the sizes of jets, the midsize jets are an ideal choice for passengers seeking a long range trip with addition luggage space and want to accommodate 5-7 passengers. Making them small enough to be cost-efficient, but large enough to carry a group. With increased passenger comfort and legroom, it is perfect for conversation with family or business associates. Recommended for travelers looking to fly non-stop on the popular New York to Miami route, these jets travel at an approximate speed of 420-490 miles per hour and offer a great combination of performance and comfort.

The Learjet 60 is a midsize aircraft manufactured by Bombardier. This jet is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW305A Engines. The Learjet 60 is most notable for its time-to-climb performance, climbing to 41,000 ft in 18.5 minutes. Even though this jet is a tremendous performer, this jet also maintains the highest incident rate in its class with most accidents during the landing period. Production of the Learjet 60 ended in 2007 after 318 aircrafts were built.

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