Aircraft Maintenance

  • How frequent pilots and aircraft owners should inspect their aircrafts
  • What kinds of maintenance needs to be done on aircrafts

When inspecting your aircraft, the owner or operator is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft as well as the engine. The pilot in command is responsible for determining if the aircraft is in safe condition, the aircraft has a registration certificate and a valid airworthiness certificate, if the aircraft has an FAA-approved flight manual limitation, and regularly making sure the airplane and engine are in good condition. FAR establishes minimum maintenance requirements every year, and after every 100 hours of flying. Although maintenance requirements will vary for different types of aircraft, the FAA states that experience shows most aircraft will need some type of preventive maintenance after every 25 hours of flying time and minor maintenance at least every 100 hours.

The owner or operator may conduct a daily inspection, if needed, but the pilot must perform a preflight inspection before flight in order to determine that the aircraft is able to fly. Preventive maintenance means simple or minor preservation operations and the replacement of small standard parts not involving complex assembly operations. All other maintenance or repairs must be performed by persons authorized to do so by the FAA.

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