NetJets & WasteFuel

  • Partnership between NetJets and WasteFuel
  • WasteFuel’s goal is to turn waste into sustainable fuel

NetJets has recently announced a large investment into WasteFuel, a company that converts waste to fuel in order to reduce emissions and make flying private more sustainable. This marks the first private aviation company to invest in the company, paving the way for others to follow suit in the pursuit for more sustainable flying. They also pledged to buy at least 100 million gallons of their fuel during the course of the next 10 years.

The plant used to process this waste is set to be constructed in the Philippines and is set to be fully operational by 2025. It will be imported through Los Angeles. The fuel this operation yield is quite substantial; 1 million tons of waste can be converted into 30 million gallons of fuel. This fuel burns with an 80% reduction in carbon emissions. Since landfills are the third most prevalent producer of methane, converting this to sustainable fuel will benefit the environment greatly.

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