Marquis Jet Card Cost

  • Since Marquis Jet Partners was purchased by NetJets in 2010, they have been the company’s most profitable offering for jet cards.
  • The Marquis Jet Card tends to be sold in increments of 25 hours of flight time.

The Marquis Jet Partners were purchased by NetJets in 2010. Since acquiring them, the Marquis brand has been the most profitable for NetJet’s Card program. The Marquis program allows access to NetJet’s fleet of aircraft. This access is sold 25 hours at a time. This card entails several restrictions which are highlighted on the Marquis Jet Card agreement as well as the Marquis Jet Card Terms and Conditions. There are differences between the NetJets Fractional Program and the Marquis Jet Card which must be taken into consideration when choosing between the options.

The Marquis Jet Card cost $155,900 for 25 hours in a Light Jet plus fuel surcharge, taxes and other fees. A Marquis Mid-Size will cost $207,900 for a 25 hour card. A Marquis Jet Card Super-Mid will cost between $235,900 and $282,900. This cost extends all the way up to $374,900 to buy into their Heavy Jet Card.

Costs for 25 hour jet cards:

Light Jet- $155,900

Mid-Size- $207,900

Super-Mid- between $235,900 & $282,900

Heavy Jet- $374,900+

None of these prices include additional fees such as taxes and fuel.

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