Boutique Air

  • Services Boutique Air provides
  • Boutique Airs car service “Boutique Car”
  • Boutique Airs fleet of PC-12’s and KingAir 300s


Boutique Air is based in San Francisco, California and offers charter service as well as operates the second largest PC-12 fleet in the United States with 26 PC-12’s. Boutique was founded in 2007 as an aviation technology company before acquiring a fleet of aircrafts and operating on demand charters, pilot training, and air patrol services. In 2017, Boutique began a car rental company named Boutique Car. These services are mostly used at locations where there are no car rental services. 

Boutique air operates a fleet of 27 PC-12’s, 5 King Air 300’s, and 2 Piaggio P180 for a total of 34 aircrafts. The modern fleet of PC-12’s is Boutique Airs most popular choice for charter services.  The aircrafts are stacked with amenities designed to make the flying experience as comfortable and luxurious as power. These amenities include leather seats, power outlets, and bathrooms. 

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