Fuel Efficiency For Private Jets

  • On average, how much fuel a private jet burns in an hour
  • Why using a private jet is more efficient than traveling by car
  • Using the Falcon 900 as an example to show how much on average fuel costs for a flight

Most private jets get under five miles per gallon. A 17,000 pound LearJet 35 which is capable of carrying seven people at 485 mph gets about 4 mpg. A Gulfstream G-5 weighing at about 90,000 pounds is capable of carrying up to 18 people at over 530 mph. Due to the size of the heavy aircraft, it received about 1.3 miles per gallon. In comparing an SUV to a jet, a regular SUV ranges between 11-30 mpg 

Private jets are used for speed and convenience. The use of a private jet allows access to more airports across the United States because they can land on a smaller TARMAC depending on the size of the plane. Meeting multiple clients hundreds of miles apart for a business meeting in an SUV can take days, as opposed to hours when doing business using a private jet. These are a few of the factors that advocates of private jets use to demonstrate efficiency in terms of business as opposed to energy use and cost.

On average, a gallon of Jet fuel costs close to $5. Therefore, the fuel cost for large private jets range from $1,000 to $3,000 per hour. For example, the Dassault Falcon 900 which is the most common aircraft of the Falcon 900 lineup has remained the same price over the years. However, in 1985, the Falcon 900B burned, on average, 347 gallons of fuel per hour. When deliveries started of the Falcon 900LX in 2010, the average hourly fuel burn of the aircraft was 260 Gallons per Hour.

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