German Evacuation Aircrafts Couldn’t Land in Kabul Because of Crowded TARMAC

  • How long the evacuation aircrafts were trying to land
  • Where the evacuation aircrafts were going to bring Afghanistan citizens

Two German military planes approached the Kabul airport to try and help carry out evacuation flights, but could not land because of the crowds on the TARMAC. One plane attempted multiple times to land, but had to keep circling, eventually needing to leave the area to refuel the aircraft. The German military aircrafts were going to take people from Kabul and bring them to safe locations nearby. The German authorities are working closely with the United States to clear areas on the TARMAC to secure a spot to land. 

The first of the three German evacuation planes diverted to the Uzbekistan capital Tashkent having circled the airport for more than an hour in an effort to land. At least 585 Afghan soldiers jetted to the country on 22 military planes and 24 helicopters. An additional 158 military personnel crossed into the nation on foot. A foreign ministry spokesperson said earlier in Berlin that no evacuation flights were leaving Kabul airport because desperate people trying to flee the country were blocking the runway.

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