The Largest Airport in the World

  • Where in the world this airport is located
  • How large this airport is compared to neighboring countries
  • What the “Royal Terminal” is used for


King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia is known as the largest airport in the world with an area of 300 square miles. The airport serves the entire Eastern side of Saudi Arabia and is one of the three primary airports in Saudi Arabia. This airport has been used for commercial flights for over 20 years, and was used as an airbase as far back as the Gulf War. More than 10 million passengers use King Fahd Airport each year, 37 airlines operate flights from this airport, and this airport serves as a hub to Sama Airline. King Fahd International has two runways that are both 2.5 miles long, and the airport consists of two terminal buildings for commercial airline passengers.

The main terminal is six storeys tall, approximately 2,664,000 sq feet of space, as well as having 11 boarding bridges. The Royal Terminal is reserved for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, government personnel, and official guests. This terminal has four bridges linking the terminal to aircraft. Despite the specific purpose of this terminal, the royal family rarely uses it. King Fahd International Airport has been certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest airport in the world. This airport is so large that the neighboring country of Bahrain is smaller than the airport. 

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