What is an FBO?

  • Defining an FBO
  • What FBOs are used for and how to navigate them
  • Where FBOs are located based on the airport you are flying out of


An FBO is short for Fixed-Base Operator which basically means they are private jet terminals. When you book a private jet flight, your operator will advise you which FBO your flight will be departing from and landing at in your desired locations. These FBOs are a little different from commercial flight terminals. They are a lot smaller and less crowded, and offer a lounge for passengers, but not many restaurants or places stay while in the terminal. Most of the revenue comes from its gas stations for the private jets. They provide crew lounges, weather and flight planning assistance, and some facilities in major international airports even offering sleep rooms and showers. 

Some FBOs also have hangars and office space. Some also provide maintenance, managed for aircraft owners, and charter services. Charter brokers and other related businesses serving business aviation often lease office space, the former so they can meet and greet local clients. FBOs are often on the opposite side of the airport from passenger terminals, and are sometimes distant from each other, as in miles apart. If you are arriving on an airline flight and then switching to a private jet or vice versa, make sure to find out in advance how far they are, and the best way to transit between the two in order to make your next flight on time.

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