Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

  • Why SAF can help our carbon emissions
  • SAF’s short and long term changes on our environment

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a fuel that meets all the technical and safety requirements as jet fuels, but SAF comes from a more sustainable source resulting in less or no carbon emissions in our atmosphere. SAF is capable of reducing emissions up to 80% compared to jet fuel which in the next decade or so we will have no choice but to use sustainable jet fuel to save us from over pollution. By offsetting emissions, SAF will play a vital role in the short and long term as we build towards a truly sustainable future. 

These sustainable fuels can be blended up to 50% with traditional jet fuel and are re-certified as Jet A fuel. This mixture can be handled the same way as jet fuel so there is no need for changes in fuelling infrastructure. SAF is more costly than traditional jet fuel, but most companies are willing to pay extra if it means that it is helping our carbon footprint. As more research is done and technology advances, SAF will become more efficient and in return become less costly for customers. Some airlines are now allowing customers to choose if they want to use SAF, but the customer has fund the extra cost of using the sustainable aviation fuel.

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