Windowless Planes: The Future of Private Aviation

  • The newest technologies inside the cockpit
  • inside the Executive Suite and the Club Suite

The future of private aviation is starting to appear out of the clouds. The tech industry as well as several other designers and aircraft engineers have been experimenting with the idea of windowless aircrafts. Even though looking out the porthole style windows on a plane and seeing the world below is one of the biggest fascinations for an airline passenger, these companies surprisingly have been working on this idea for decades now. For example, the international transport agency called “Technicon Design” has come up with a different proposal for a windowless aircraft called IXION. “Instead of windows, the jet’s interior cabin walls are lined with flexible-high-definition screens that project a 360-degree, real-time view of what is outside the aircraft. The video footage is captured on a live feed by a pair of cameras, which are mounted on the jet’s wings”. This idea would also be designed to be fully powered by solar panels in the aircrafts covering. This is something many private aviation companies could get behind in the near future because the use of solar power is an excellent way to help reduce your carbon footprint that’s harmful to the environment. 

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