Catering on a Private Jet


When booking flights through companies such as Wheels Up, GlobeAir, and NetJets, you will be given an option to have catering on board your aircraft. When 41,000ft in the air, dining on a private jet is an experience you will never forget. Flight attendants will take great care of you on board your flight and have meals and snacks available for you that are requested. Some options that are frequently requested on flights are various sandwiches, fruit platters, cheese platters, and assorted desserts.

Most companies have a limited menu that you can pick and choose items from. For example, the Aviation company Jettly offers onboard mains, sides and desserts consisting of  breakfast, seafood, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, soups, and desserts. When you choose one of these categories you are given a selection of items to choose from. If none of these items are what you are desiring, there are local catering companies in the area of the FBO that will bring your order to your aircraft.

Flight departure times may affect the foods you can order onto your flight. Generally, if your flight is early in the morning, then breakfast foods such as bagels, fruit, and yogurt will be served. On afternoon flights, lunch options such as salads, sandwiches, veggie and cheese trays will be served. Lastly, on flights in the late afternoon the full service dining options will open up with choices such as alcoholic beverages, appetizers, entrees and deserts will become available.

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