Dassault Making Eco-Friendly Strides

  • Over the years, Dassault has manufactured their aircraft to be the most eco-friendly on the market
  • The environment is taken into account in every step of the manufacturing process


Dassault produces some of the most eco-friendly aircrafts in the world; this is in part due to the power to weight ratios of the aircraft as well as top of the line engines that produce less noise as well as fewer CO2 compared to others on the market. The aircraft also use an average of 50% less fuel than their competitors. They plan on cutting down their nitrogen oxide emissions as well.

When it comes to manufacturing the aircraft, Dassault ensures that every step is as eco-friendly as possible, from obtaining the raw materials to the production line. Along with this, the paint the use is chromate free, reducing residual compounds on their aircraft. These improvements are a results of how much of their budget goes towards becoming more sustainable and less wasteful. 15% of the manufacturing budget goes into ecofriendly measures and through the years they’ve implemented hundreds of environmental actions. They have also joined the United Nations Global Compact to further their positive impact and contributions to the environment.

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