Maks Airshow in Russia

  • Where in Russia this airshow is held and how many people attend
  • Who preforms aerobatic shows for all spectators to watch

MAKS Air Show is an international aviation show in Zhukovsky Moscow at the Zhukovsky International Airport. This event is organized by the Russian Government and Aviasalon, having their first show in 1992. MAKS is a great event for the Russian aviation community in terms of entertainment, but also this show is where Russian aerospace companies can negotiate contracts for the future of aviation. The main purpose of the event is to demonstrate the newest technologies Russian aerospace has to offer to an international market. 

The event follows the same schedule mostly every show, usually opening with the attendance of the President of Russia, followed by company talks, and concludes with aircraft demonstrations by aerobatic teams such as the Russian Knights, Swifts, and foreign teams like Patrouille de France or Frecce Tricolori.MAKS also includes an aerobatic team the “Baltic Bees” that give an eye-catching show with dynamic maneuvers and low altitude flying.  There are usually 300,000 visitors per day which is more than the area can hold, causing lines and congestion for events. Some notable aircrafts that have been  unveiled at this event is the Forward-Swept-Wing S-37,The  Kliper Spacecraft, and the Sukhoi Su-57 ‘Checkmate’ fighter aircraft.

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