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  • The history and background of FlyExclusive
  • What Fly Exclusives aircraft fleet consists of
  • FlyExclusives dedication to safety


FlyExclusive is known as one of the greatest and most reliable, private jet charter companies with their reputation of high quality, safe and reliable point to point private jet travel at industry leading levels of affordability, accessibility, and client satisfaction. FlyExclusive’s vastly growing fleet of company-owned aircrafts, 24/7 nationwide flight operations, personalized customer service, and years of operator experience gives customers the confidence to trust FlyExclusive with their next flight. The leaders in FlyExclusive have years of dedication and passion for private aviation and extensive backgrounds in aviation as well as delivering excellence.

FlyExclusive’s fleet includes four Gulfstream GIV-SP’s, ten Citation X’s, five Citation Sovereigns, thirty-three Citation Excel’s, seven Citation CJ3’s, and ten Citation Encores. Each of these jets are excellent choice for comfort and luxury, as well as performance and reliability. Most of Fly Exclusives fleet consists of Cessna family aircrafts because of their efficiency, reliability, safety and passenger appeal.

Safety is a staple of flying with FlyExclusive. Each FlyExclusive pilot undergoes rigorous training which consists of realistic flight simulators each year at the CAE Simuflite flight simulator facility. FlyExclusive is AR/US Platinum Rated, Wingman Certified, and IS BAO Registered which are all the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. FlyExclusive operates a fully vetted SMS program and conducts on-premise maintenance, deploys mobile maintenance resources, and works collaboratively with Cessna to deliver high-quality aircraft, safety and reliability to customers.

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