NBAA Top Safety Concerns 2021-2022

  • Three area the NBAA is going to focus on for safety
  • Areas in each category that are most important for safety
  • What CEO, Chairman of NBAA Safety has to say about the Safety Committee

The NBAA Safety Committee released an updated list if its top areas of safety to focus on for the 2021-2022 year. This list aims to exploit key areas that the industry should focus more attention to ensure a safer community. The lists main three categories are preventable accidents, engaging on unique operations concerns, and implementing mitigation strategies.  

Preventable accidents include runway excursions, controlled flight into terrain, and ground operation accidents. Unique operations concerns include flight crew and maintenance operations proficiency, single-pilot accident rate, and fitness for duty. Mitigation strategies include safety management systems implementations, safety manager qualification and training, and increased use and sharing of safety data. 

“The Safety Committee took a deep dive into the previous Safety Focus Areas to look at what priorities are actionable, then broke the topics into usable chunks,This structure will help the committee focus its efforts and collaborate with other standing committees, helping to prioritize the topics with the most potential for safety improvements” said NBAA Safety Committee chair Jeff Wofford. Expect to see improvements in the next year in safety between these three categories. 

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