Banning, CA Airplane Crash 7/30/21

  • At 9:30 AM PDT, an airplane crashed outside of Banning Municipal Airport
  • The two passengers were pronounced dead at the scene
  • This is the second airplane crash in the past week that has occurred in CA


At approximately 9:30 AM PDT, an airplane crashed in a vacant lot Northwest of the Banning Municipal Airport in California. The Riverside County Fire Department responded to reports of the crash and extinguished a small fire. No one on the ground was injured, however the two individuals in the aircraft were pronounced dead at the scene. The FAA and NTSB are currently investigating why the incident occurred. The names of the two victims have yet to be released. The aircraft was reported to be a Cessna 150, an aircraft commonly used for flight training. 2 men were reported victims of the crash, both of them being in their 20s and from Big Bear. Exact names and ages have yet to be confirmed.

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