Gulfstream Earns First NAA Sustainable Wings Certification

  • How to qualify for this certification
  • The flight Gulfstream did that broke the record and earned them this certification

Gulfstream Aerospace is the first aviation company to earn National Aeronautic Association (NAAs) new sustainable wings certification. The sustainable wing certification is used to recognize records that are set using Sustainable Aviation Fuel, an alternative to traditional jet fuel. Sustainable Aviation Fuel does not require testing prior to use, giving operators an immediate reduction in Co2 emissions. The President of NAA, Greg Principato said “  “Aviation must become more sustainable and is becoming more sustainable. A more sustainable industry is an industry with a bright future. We believe this program is one of many initiatives that will encourage a more sustainable industry.”

The flight that earned Gulfstream this certification was on July 24th, 2021, flown in a G500. This aircraft flew from Savannah to San Francisco at 548.80 mph. The returning flight was at 546.67 mph. Any aircraft company that can preform a record flight using sustainable jet fuel that meets ASTM international standards can apply for the certification.  Hopefully this new certification will increase awareness of C02 emissions and encourage aircraft companies to develop aircrafts and switch the sustainable fuel to help the environment. 

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