Henriksen Jet Center

  • Henriksen Jet Center is one of the dew privately owned FBOs in the US
  • Year after year they continue to remain in the top 5% of FBOs in the country

Henriksen Jet Center at the Austin Executive Airport is a bit of a rarity in the world of FBOS: it is one of the few privately owned in the US. However, this has not had any impact on its success; for the fourth year in a row, it has ranked in the top 5% of FBOs in the country based on the AIN FBO Survey. It has also attained the top score in passenger amenities for the past four years as well. This year marks its 10th year of operation; not a bad way to celebrate the milestone.

The 22,500 square foot terminal boasts plenty of beneficial amenities. The two story building has a lobby surrounded in glass, a pilot lounge with quiet rooms perfect for off duty time, massage chairs, a theater with an abundance of seating, and a roomy conference room that can house a dozen. Their aircraft canopy can house some of the largest aircraft around while also shielding them and the occupants from the intense sunlight and heat of Texas. Total hangar space comes out to 144,000 square feet, allowing their 30 jets and 23 turboprops to be stored with ease.

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