Pilot Requirements

  • Pilot safety training
  • How long it takes pilots become safety certified
  • What goes into a pilot being ready for any fatal situation

Pilot and crew flight experience, in general, and the total number of hours in the particular make/model of aircraft are the things that need to be taken into account when being certified as a driver of a safe charter journey. Once a pilot passes a minimum amount of 1,500 hours of flying, they are now eligible for the highest FAA rating a pilot can earn which is an airline transport pilot (ATP) rating. Because fatigue is one of the major components of pilot error, the most common cause of fatal crashes, the FAA mandates the maximum number of flight and duty time and requires crew rest periods. Operator policy on flight crew training and adequate rest periods are critical to mitigating the chances of an unfortunate event. At a minimum, operators should be able to document their flight times to the FAA standards and to track their pilots compliance, while some may go above and beyond these standards. Many charter operators also train their pilots in emergency procedures like first aid and CPR to be prepared for instances when emergencies arise or anyone needs medical attention during a charter flight. In addition, some aircraft operators carry a defibrillator (AED) on board and subscribe to an in-flight medical assistance program to provide additional medical assistance to passengers if needed. In perfect situations, one or more flight crew members will be trained in first aid, CPR, the proper use of an AED, and aircraft-specific emergency egress.

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