Tailwind Launches 75 Minute Boston – New York Seaplane Flights

  • The new way to travel from Boston to New York
  • How Tailwind is cutting all forms of travel between the two cities by 80%


Seaplane airline Tailwind has announced a brand new way to travel from Boston to New York. Starting August 3rd, passengers will be able to hop between Manhattan and Boston Harbor in an hour and 15 minutes. This service will become a game changer for travel between the two cities with convenient arrival times and super short check in times. The flight will use the new Boston Harbor Seaplane Base (BNH) and will cut the travel time between Boston and New York by 80%. This is an exciting opportunity for quick business travel between the two cities that will take away the hours sitting in cars or enduring the stresses of commercial airports.

This flight will be operated by Tailwinds Cessna Grand Caravan EX. This eight seater aircraft are piloted by extremely well trained pilots. These flights are on sale now, and will start moving passengers between the two cities on August 3rd. The scheduled flights are every day at 7:00, 10:05, 14:10, and 17:20. You will arrive approximately 75 minutes to your destination after your departure. Tailwind is promoting this new route by giving a 10% discount on its fares using the code NYSBNH when booking on flytailwind.com between now and August 30th. This flight looks to cut out the alternatives to drive, which can take four to six hours, or to catch the Amtrak, with a four-hour service time. Flying Tailwind looks to reduce that travel time to just 75 minutes port to port, cutting journey times by around 50% – 80%. Book now for your opportunity to experience this new way of travel!

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