John Travolta’s Passion for Flying

  • What type of business jets Travolta owns
  • Why Travoltas does not need to go to a traditional airport
  • Travolta’s test flight of the Airbus A380

John Travolta purchased his Boeing Business Jet for $57 million, and put another $25 million towards customizing the interior. Travolta achieved his pilot license over 45 years ago and has had his jet license for 20 years. Many celebrities own private jets, but Travolta has his own runway attached to his house so he can park his jet in his driveway. His Boeing 737 has a fuel range of 6,000 nautical miles meaning he can fly from his house all the way to Europe without stopping if he likes. The 737 is designed to hold about 150 passengers, but Travolta put part of his $25 million on interior design to make the jet accommodate only 15 passengers, including two bedrooms and a full sized bathroom.

 In addition to Travolta’s Boeing 737, he also casually keeps a Challenger jet parked in his backyard. Most celebrities have a driveway full of exotic cars, but Travolta took it a step further and has a driveway full of private jets. Airbus’s CEO even let Travolta be the first pilot fly the Airbus A380. When asked if he wanted to fly, Travolta hopped on the opportunity automatically.  His passion for flying is no secret, his instagram is stocked full of pictures of him flying at sunset and with his family. He describes the feeling of flying as unlike any other feeling in the world. 

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