Learjet Liberty 75

  • Inside the new Learjet Liberty 75
  • The newest technologies inside the cockpit
  • inside the Executive Suite and the Club Suite


Bombardier’s newest addition to their fleet is the Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft. This new aircraft redefines the iconic Learjet brand and features the Learjets first private suite. The advanced wing design provides the smoothest ride out of all light jets. The spacious cabin inside the executive suite gives the most spacious and quiet experience out of all bombardier aircrafts. Even with all of these advancements in technology to this aircraft, the operating cost is the same as its closest competitors while flying farther and faster than other aircrafts.

When you step inside the Executive Suite, you have a private room all to yourself that minimizes noise and has unmatched space. With 35 inches of legroom, you have the freedom to stretch out and relax while you fly. The suite also has USB power outlets, reading lights, side tables, and cup holders. The Club Suite features a four-seat club configuration which is the perfect environment for business conversation or to relax with friends and family. The aircraft has 4G ATG high speed internet access which allows you to stream movies, video conferences, or send texts just as if you were in your office or at home. 

The Learjet 75 Liberty is powered by Honeywell TFE731-40BR engines that allow for a faster climb rate and a top speed of 464-knots. Even with these powerful engines and very fast top speeds, the Liberty offers a smooth ride from takeoff to touchdown. The maximum range until the aircraft will need a fuel stop is about 2,080 nautical miles and a max capacity of 9 passengers.  The cockpit uses the latest navigation, communication technologies featuring a Synthetic Vision System, enhanced ergonomics, and advanced controls to reduce pilot workload.

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