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About Jet the World

Jet the world operates on a global scale with profound attention to detail. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; when your family or business needs private charter services, you know who to call.

Jet the World’s On-Demand Family travel is a first-rate experience with an industry standard value. Medical transport is the service you hope you never use. Jet the World provides life and death client services. Jet the World’s Corporate Membership programs offer a variety of services for large-budget operations.

Service Offerings

On-Demand Family Travel

The program for families on the go. If you’re traveling in the age of COVID, safety MUST be a priority. Jet the World’s family travel program will enable members to transport family members and themselves around the world.

Medical Transport

Jet the World is always prepared for “worst-case-scenarios”. You don’t want to discover you’ve chosen the wrong charter service when it matters most.

Executive Business Membership

An excellent option for businesses from small start-ups to major corporations. Jet the World’s Executive Business membership allows users to request exclusive private aviation charter services with best-in-class billable rates.

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