Bells Military HSVTOL

  • How the military can use this HSVTOL in missions
  • How this aircraft can create hybrid electric propulsion

Bell Textron has released a concept for a High-Speed Vertical Take-off and Landing (HSVTOL) aircraft. HSVTOL technology blends the hover capability of a helicopter with the speed, range and survivability features of a fighter aircraft. The HSVTOL is extremely important in future military missions where the new range of aircrafts can exchange mission flexibility as well as mission performance and accuracy. This propulsion concept has wingtip rotors used for vertical lift, then these rotors fold away to rescue drag while turbofans provide thrust for the high speed, forward flight. 

Future “convertible engines” could eventually provide HSVTOL designs with a powerplant that can switch between turboshaft and turbofan modes, eliminating the need for separate lift and cruise engines. With no air intakes visible on the wingtip nacelles, this could also suggest some form of hybrid-electric propulsion for the rotors, as well, which would use the main jet powerplant to provide gobs of electrical power to drive the rotors during terminal flight modes. Bell has pioneered many rotary-wing advances, and has continuously conducted active research and development in the sector. Bell points to the success of the XV-3 and XV-15 tiltrotor testbeds that paved the way for the V-22 Osprey.

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