FAA Cracking Down on Illegal Charter Flights

  • The companies the FAA is cracking down on
  • How much each company is getting fined if found guilty
  • What each company did in order to be given these fines

The FAA is cracking down on companies that may or may not be conducting illegal charter flights, totalling $1.23 million in penalties to five aviation companies. This penalty includes $344,672 to PottCo Air Lease of Council Bluffs, Iowa, allegedly conducting 16 paid passenger-carrying flights in a Cessna Conquest between July 11, 2019 and November 20, 2019. PottCo also has  $301,676 against them for 43 paid passenger-carrying flights without the appropriate certificates, OpSpecs, or personnel. Those flights happened between Feb. 20, 2018, and Feb. 6, 2020, in the states Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

The FAA is giving Wikert Air a $233,133 penalty for allegedly conducting 21 paid passenger-carrying flights in a PC-12 turboprop without required certificates, ops specs, or the correct personnel. Oracle Aviation faces a $191,536 lawsuit for allegedly conducting nine passenger-carrying flights in a Cessna 172M and PC-12 Turboprop without the correct certificates or personnel. The last company the FAA is cracking down on is East Shore Aviation of North Charleston, SC for $157,654 for allegedly conducting  nine charter flights using two PC-12s that were not on the company’s FAA-issued operations specifications. The companies facing the penalties are all in communication with the FAA over the associated citations, the agency said.

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