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About Flexjet

FlexJet was founded in 1995, as a subsidiary of Bombardier Aviation, under the operating name Business Jet Solutions. For 25 years, FlexJet has faithfully served the United States private aviation market. FlexJet has a wealth of offerings ranging from traditional private aviation, like fractional ownership and aircraft leasing; but also the modern approach to private aviation, the Jet card.

Service Offerings

Fractional Ownership Program

The perfect program for frequent fliers. FlexJet fractional ownership allows travelers to purchase equity in a specific aircraft.

Lease Program

An ideal choice for flexibility-dependent travelers. The lease program allows users to purchase a share, without owning an asset.

Jet Card Program

The FlexJet jet card allows customers to load pre-determined sums onto a debit-esque card. Card holders are then entitled to FlexJet perks, including private jet charter services.

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