Largest Airport in the United States

  • Inside the largest airport in the United States
  • What sets this airport apart from any airport in the world


Denver International Airport is not your average airport. Located on the northeastern side of Denver, this airport is the largest airport in the United States. It is also North America’s Best Regional Airport and the 5th Best Regional Airport in the world. DIA is one of the world’s busiest airports in terms of passenger traffic, servicing almost 61,380,000 passengers last year. As you walk around the airport terminals, you will see the airport’s extensive collection of art. Denver International Airport has an art program that works along museums and curators to present the best quality art of their airport.

Something unusual about this airport is that DIA dedicated a section of the airport for an ice skating rink. In the spirit of Christmas and the holidays, DIA set up this free ice skating rink open from 9:00AM  to 9:00PM to help pass time as you wait for your flight. Another unusual amenity of the Denver International Airport is the “Paradise 4 Paws” pet resort that provides overnight accommodations for dogs and cats. Some dog suites even have flat-screen TVs and webcams for the owners to view them any time they like. Other amenities such as high speed WiFi is one of DIA’s best features. In a 2017 study by Ookla, the results showed that DIA has the fastest wifi out of any other airport with download speeds of 78 mbps and upload speeds around the same number.

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