Private Jets Impact on the Environment

  • How much Private Jets impact our environment
  • The most common aircrafts that give off the most carbon emissions

Private Jets CO2 emissions have increased over 30% in the last fifteen years which is faster than commercial aviation emissions. These emissions are 10 times more intense than airliners, and 50 times more polluting than trains. For example, a private jet charter that is around four hours long emits as much carbon than a human does in a year. These statistics seem to stay true even throughout the whole pandemic with less charters in the air during the Corona Virus which had flights down 60% based on previous years.

Hopefully, with the environmental implications of the ongoing pandemic, and how diseases of the like are exacerbated by climate change, travelers will consider the environmental impact of private planes, prior to signing up for the program. However, it may very well be overlooked, as many things unfortunately are in a capitalist-driven society like ours. 

The first most common airplane polluter is the Cessna Citation Excel, a 16m plane that can carry eight passengers and has a fully-loaded range of 2,700km which means this aircraft cannot do long distance flights. The second most used is the Beechcraft King Air, which is powered by a turboprop and can fit up to six people, with a range of 1,900km. Most private jets in the European market have similar characteristics mainly due to their use and the type of ownership.

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