• Jettly brings the convenience of rideshare companies to the private charter industry
  • Just like apps such as Uber and Lyft, aircraft can be selected just like differing sizes of cars

Jettly’s claim to fame is that they are the fastest growing private charter company within the industry. They are attempting to bring cutting edge technology to the private charter game for the betterment of their company as well as the experience of the client. Just like many companies in general around the world, Jettly is bringing their business to the technological forefront: flights are able to be booked all from the convenience of a smartphone. Their model mimics that of a ride service company, allowing flights to be requested and booked just from a few taps of a screen.

The benefits are not just on the technological side; Jettly has any aircraft needed on offer. Anything from a helicopter to a single piston aircraft to an airliner can be selected through their app. By bringing these options to their customers, Jettly is able to book a wide variety of flights all over the country. Whether it be a short flight to a cross country flight, Jettly has offerings available.

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