Glenn Gonzales, CEO & Founder of Jet It

  • A statement from Gonzales of the future of Jet It post pandemic
  • How many aircrafts Jet It is looking to add to its fleet in 2021

 CEO Gonzales is the face of Jet It, which finished 2020 with 10 aircraft based across the U.S.“It’s going to be an exciting year,” Gonzales said. “Jet It is expanding out West, but 2021 will include Jet It Canada. Equally exciting in 2021 will be JetClub. We will have our first airplane in operation in Europe, but we’ll also be expanding into Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Vietnam, India and wherever else the market will allow.” Jet It’s fractional ownership model provides access to HondaJets commensurate with each client’s level of ownership, which can range from 10% to 50% of the aircraft. The company provides certified pilots, ground crews and administrative services. When not in use by owners, Jet It makes the aircraft available for charter flights. Gonzales said he expects to end 2021 with a fleet of 20 to 25 aircraft between Jet It, Jet It Canada and JetClub. The company now employs 50 systemwide.

Gonzales and partner Vishal Hiremath, both former sales executives at Greensboro-based Honda Aircraft Co. (NYSE: HMC), took delivery of the company’s first HondaJet in 2018. As Covid-19 impacted air travel this year, the company has capitalized on the growing demand for private aviation options. The partners expect the fleet to grow to 10 North America-based aircraft by the end of 2020. 

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