Honeywell Teams with Aspire for 150/350 Models

  • Specs of the new Aspire system
  • What Mark Goodman, the Honeywells Aerospace Director thinks of the collaboration

Honeywell has become an aviation manufacturer that operates on the Iridium Next network as it nears fourth-quarter FAA certification of its Aspire 150 and 350 Satcom systems. Honeywell is also the first aviation company to demonstrate 700 kbps on the Iridium Certus Service.  The new Aspire system is also more lightweight, uses small active high-gain antennas, and is easier to install than previous models. 

Honeywell Aerospace director of product management Mark Goodman said “We have made great technological strides with our Aspire 150 and 350 systems since announcing the products in 2018, we have successfully transmitted over the Iridium network at speeds up to 700 kbps with pre-qualification form, fit, and function aviation equipment.” Honeywell  also provides access to Inmarsat’’s GX Aviation network, powered by Honeywell’s JetWave Hardware.

Honeywell is a leader in providing connectivity hardware and services to the aerospace industry. With more than 100 years of innovation, Honeywell has a footprint on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft that enable more fuel-efficient, connected and safe operations. Aspire 150 and 350 exemplify how Honeywell Aerospace delivers the latest functionalities and technologies in today’s connected world.

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